1969 Fender Jazz Bass

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Summary: The Fender Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960 as a higher-end alternative to the Precision Bass with closer string spacing, a thinner neck profile at the nut, and two punchy single-coil pickups. The Jazz Bass evolved in a number of subtle ways throughout the 60s with major changes coming during the CBS Fender buyout of 1965. This particular Jazz bass is in great used condition but does carry some gig earned battle scars. There is finish checking, a new brass nut, new frets but it still has its original pickups and hardware. The original hardshell case is a little beat up, has had some repairs and a changed handle but the latches all work and the case protects and carries the bass as it should.

Body: Lightweight alder body with original 3 tone sunburst finish and original tortoise pickguard.

Neck: Solid maple neck with bound veneer rosewood fretboard, block inlays, brass nut, 34” scale length and 1 1/2” nut width. Original string retainer and tuners.

Pickups/Hardware: The pickups and electronics are original and work and sound great. The CTS pots date 1966 which is correct for this era and the original blue molded capacitor is still in place. The tuners are Fender stamped and original, the brass nut is aftermarket, the bridge and saddles are original as well as the knobs.

Cosmetics: This bass has lots of gig earned patina, finish checking, and play wear through the finish. There are a lot of little nicks and wear through the finish, buckle rash and wear through the edge of the belly contour. The back of the neck has a few circular chips in the finish which have discolored a bit but they do not impede playability although you can feel them. All wear is consistent with a well-played but loved vintage instrument. There are no cracks, breaks or visible repairs. The slotted head set screws in the D and E string saddles have become stripped and are no longer easily adjusted with a flat head screwdriver but the bass is set up great where they are now. If you want to adjust the D of E string you have to loosen the string and turn the screw from the other side with a pair of pliers.

Playability: Our in house luthier has just inspected, set up and restrung this guitar with a new set of strings and it is playing beautifully with low action and a straight neck. The new frets are in great shape with no grooves or divots.

Modifications: Changed brass nut and new frets. There is one small .01uf ceramic capacitor that connects the tone pot to the output jack that I have not seen before. The solder joints look old and match the original solder joints around it so it is not implausible that it was from the factory, Fender was experimenting a lot during this era. The pickup and bridge covers as well as the thumb rest are missing.

Weight: 9 lbs, 1 oz.

Case: This Jazz bass ships in its original hardshell case. The case is pretty worn and has a new panel at one end, some of the red interior is peeling up a bit on the edges and the handle has been changed. The latches work fine and the case carries the instrument as it should. We will ship it professionally packed and fully insured!