Cooper FX Grain Card for Arcade Console *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Cooper FX Arcade Card - Grain

Deriving much of its functionality from the Outward V2, the Grain Card turns the Cooper FX Arcades into a source of dense, granular textures and glitching stutters. The eight effect algorithms provide the foundation for taking any incoming audio signal and mangling it into otherworldly sounds, providing the ability to mangle, pitch shift, and stretch sounds to be unrecognizable from their source. Turn any guitar, synthesizer, or other sound into expansive soundscapes and textures otherwise unheard until now.
Arcade Card - Grain Features

Effects card for Arcades Multi-Effects pedal
Based upon the Cooper FX Outward V2
Grain delays, time stretching, stutter effects, and more
8 algorithms: Buffer, TimeSt, EnvBuf, EnvTS, Bounce, Pitch, LOFI, RndSze