1969 Fender Mustang

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Summary: The Vintage Fender Competition Finish Mustang set a new precedent for the world of electric guitars at the time of its introduction by combining the timeless cool of classic cars with a design aimed at the younger crowd. Smaller than its predecessors like the Jazzmaster, the Mustang was a heavyweight in the student-priced realm and offered a playing experience that's been coveted for years thanks to the pair of single-coils and iconic offset design. The last guitar Leo Fender designed while at his titular company, the slick racing stripe has been found in the rigs of David Byrne, PJ Harvey, and Thurston Moore. This Particular Mustang is in great shape, sounds awesome and ships in its original hard-shell case with whammy bar. Our in house luthier has just inspected, set up and restrung this Fender with a new set of 10s and it is a knockout of a guitar!

Body: Double cutaway solid body with a gorgeous competition red finish and famous competition stripes.

Neck: The neck is maple with a dark rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dots, 22 frets, end of heel truss rod adjustment, original Kluson Deluxe tuners with white buttons, matching red headstock, 1 9/16” nut width and 24” scale length.

Pickups/Hardware: This fabulous Mustang has 2 original single coil pickups with black covers, 2 on/off/on switches, master volume and master tone, Dynamic Vibrato unit and 3 ply pearloid pickguard. All electronics and hardware are original.

Cosmetics: This guitar looks awesome and is turning plenty of heads here in our shop but it does have some chips in the finish around the arm rest area, chips in the finish on the bottom as well as some black discoloration in that area. There is a chip under the neck plate, there are a few dents in the back of the guitar around the bottom horn, some various chips where you typically see buckle rash and most notable are the swirly areas where it looks like it was laying on top of a coily cable for some time and it has eaten through the finish a bit. The neck is in really great shape and only has one small dent in the bottom side by the 2nd fret. The frets themselves are in great shape and do not have any gouges in them.

Playability: Our in house luthier has just inspected, set up and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10s and it plays and sounds wonderful. The neck is straight, the action is low and the frets are in great shape.

Modifications: n/a

Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz.

Case: This Mustang ships in its original gray hard-shell case and we will ship it fully packed, padded and insured! The case has some wear to the interior but the orange plush is still mostly in tact as well as the outside material. The handles and latches work as they should and the case protects the guitar just fine. The original whammy bar is included.