Koma Field Kit with Expansion Pack Used

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This unithas been tested and is fully working and sounds great. Includes original box but no power supply. The pedal will be professionally packaged.

The Field Kit, from Koma Elektronik, is an experimental tool for making music with everyday objects. It includes many ways to amplify various objects to then mix them with radio sounds, much in the tradition of John Cage and David Tudor. The Field Kit is optimized for microphones, contact microphones, and guitar pickups. It can also send out signals with a DC interface, allowing the Field Kit to control motors and solenoids. An AM, FM and Shortwave radio receiver is also included, with CV control for sweeping through the radio station.

Four channel mixer
AM/FM/SW Radio with CV search function
Envelope Follower, CV and Gate output
Included Low Frequency Oscillator
DC Interface, control motors, solenoids, etc.
Signal interface, sensors to CV/Gates