1981-83 Peavey T-15 with Amp Case

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The Peavey T-15 electric guitar of the 1980s is something of a hidden
gem -- and an affordable one, at that. This short-scale oddity, dubbed the
"Mississippi Mustang" by its owners and admirers, was originally marketed
as an entry-level/student instrument, though their consistency and durability
has recently found some favor and landed them in rather wide use for touring
indie rock bands. Fast and comfortable to play, the pickups are really what
brings it home here. These humbucker-sized single coils have an awesome tone
that really brings out the resonance and sustain that the solid ash body
provides. This one is in great shape
& it comes with the original case that has the amp built right in! Open the case – stand it up on its end – plug
it in & rock!

Body:  Double
offset cutaway body with a beautiful dark sunburst finish.

Neck:    Bolt
on bi-laminated rock maple neck, 20 frets, 23.5” scale length, 1 5/8” nut
width, black dot inlays.

Pickups/Hardware:   This
Peavey includes the hardshell case that has a built in & great sounding amp
included in the case. Chrome hardware,
original Peavey pickups, cream pickguard, 6 on a side Kluson Deluxe tuning
keys, metal nut, Made in USA Ferrite Single coil blade pickups, 1 volume knob,
1 tone knob, 3-way switch.

Cosmetics: This vintage
Peavey is in great shape and from a distance it looks like is has never been
played at all. These guitars are built
with 2 piece necks and the neck tilt screw puts pressure right in the seam so
as a result they often develop a small crack at the heel. The crack extends from the end of the heel to
about the 16th fret. There
are a few small dings around the body & some wear around the edges of the
body, scratches on the pickguard and some slight buckle rash on the back. The frets are in great shape & have lots
of life left in them. The gloss on the
neck is shiny & looks great.

Playability:  Our in-house guitar tech has
just inspected, setup and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10s. The neck is straight, the truss rod is fully
functioning and the action has been setup low and comfortable. The frets are in great shape with no major
grooves or divots.  The neck pocket on
this little guitar is not perfect – and the neck has a micro-tilt that allows
you to straighten up the neck angle – but when you get it set up straight –
there is a small gap you can see in the neck pocket.

Modifications: n/a

lbs, 6 oz.

Case:  This vintage Peavey ships with the original
hard-shell case that has the amp included inside the case & we will ship it
professionally packed and fully insured!