Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword *Free Shipping in the US*

Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword *Free Shipping in the US*

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The Electronic Audio Experiments Longsword is yet another contender in the endless void of op-amp based drive pedals, but it is one that takes the topology in a novel direction. Cascaded gain stages allow for the full range from clean boost to massive distortion, all without sacrificing tonal flexibility. The equalizer combines bass and treble shelving filters with an active, frequency-selectable midrange boost/cut control. This lets the user sculpt a diverse array of tones and carve out a niche in even the most dense of mixes. The Longsword has a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone, and bass.


Level: output volume

Drive: go from light grit to heavy overdrive

Low/High: James/Baxandall tone stack (shelving filters)

Mid: active midrange boost/cut

Shift: selects frequency controlled by Mid pot

Diode: selects between clipping diodes, to alter dynamics and headroom

Up: MOSFET clipping, medium compression

Center: no diodes, minimal compression

Down: Silicon diode clipping, maximum compression

Boost (Footswitch): engages a front end mid boost

Boost (Knob): adds up to 20dB of gain when the Boost is engaged