Vintage Martin Soprano Ukulele

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Summary: Martin first prototyped ukuleles in 1906. Like Martin guitars, these had spruce tops and didn’t achieve the desired “plinky” tone. In 1915, the popularity of the ukulele was on the rise, and Martin gave it another try, this time shipping a batch of mahogany-topped ukuleles that had the perfect tone. This soprano sized ukulele is pretty old but we are not positive what year it was made. It has an all-mahogany construction with a rosewood fingerboard. It has a few repaired cracks that have been painted over with brown paint. It plays well and sounds great.

Body: Mahogany.

Neck: Mahogany with a Rosewood fingerboard.

Pickups/Hardware: Original tuning keys and bridge.

Cosmetics: This ukulele is in fair condition. It has a few repaired cracks, and the headstock has been painted in areas presumably to cover some damage. Overall, this ukulele plays very well and sounds great.

Playability: Our in-house guitar tech has inspected, setup, and restrung this instrument with a new set of strings.

Modifications: Repaired cracks (See Photos Please). A knob has been added for a strap button on the bottom of the body.

Weight: 10.9 oz.

Case: This ukulele ships by itself, professionally packaged, and fully insured.