1964 Fender Princeton Tuxedo 6G2

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The Blackface Fender Princeton Amp ("non-Reverb") is a highly sought-after vintage guitar combo, perfect for small clubs and recording studios. With built-in tremolo/vibrato circuit and 12 watts pushing a 10" speaker, the Princeton was something of a middle-ground between the smaller Vibro Champ and the bigger Deluxe Amp. The earliest Blackface Princetons have a couple anomalies -- the "tuxedo" cosmetics from using leftover Brownface parts and a simpler Tone circuit. By the fall of '64, the more common Blackface-era cosmetics (numbers on the knobs, not the faceplate) came about and the circuit was revised to have separate controls for Bass and Treble. This Princeton has the "tuxedo" knobs and the 6G2 circuit.

This amplifier has been tested. It sounds great. Local pickup only, we do not ship used amplifiers.

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