1973 Fender Stratocaster

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Summary: Fender expanded on the Tele’s “slab” body by shaping the body of the Stratocaster with sleekly comfortable forearm and body contours that help make the instrument feel like one with the player. New playing styles surfaced as rock “n” roll evolved. Fender added a third single-coil pickup between the neck and bridge, so players can scream, sparkle, and soar while unlocking a wider range of tones. The integrated bridge and saddles were originally devised to help emulate the vibrato-like tones of a lap steel guitar. When the tremolo arm is pressed, the bridge pivots with it, letting players alter their pitch and string tension to create expressive new effects. This Stratocaster has been played and cared for. This early 70’s Stratocaster would be a great addition to any collector’s collection.

Body: Ash, natural finish.

Neck: Maple with black dot inlays, 21 frets, 1.589” nut width, 25.5” scale length, bone nut, 70’s style headstock,

Pickups/Hardware: Replacement Schaller tuning keys, three single coil pickups, five way pickup selector, one master volume knob, two tone knobs, Fender saddles, synchronized tremolo system, three ply pickguard, bullet truss rod, three bolt back plate, two string trees.

Cosmetics: This guitar has a lot of aging and checking in the finish. It has aged in a unique way (See Photos). The neck has wear that is consistent with an instrument from 1973 that was played frequently. The frets are in great shape and still have a lot of life left in them. The holes from the originally tuning keys are visible on the back of the headstock.

Playability: Our in-house guitar tech has inspected, setup, and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10’s. The neck is straight, the truss rod is fully functional, and the action has been setup low and comfortable. The frets are in great shape with no major grooves or divots from use and it plays beautifully up and down the fretboard with no dead spots or choking out.

Modifications: The tuning keys have been replaced with Schaller tuning keys. You can see the original holes on the backside of the headstock. The back plate is missing.

Weight: 8 lbs., 8 oz.

Case: This guitar ships in the original hard shell case, professionally packaged, and fully insured.