2020 Fender Jimmy Vaughan Signature Stratocaster

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Summary: From Fenders’ website- “One of the great names in Texas blues, Jimmie Vaughan has always wielded a Stratocaster with masterful voice and feel. His signature model, the Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Strat, gives you masterful voice and feel, too, with an original-era Stratocaster look and some special hot-rodded Vaughan modifications that make it a fiery performer with a distinctive touch of Tejano vibe.”

This Stratocaster is in immaculate shape with no notable wear or blemishes. Our in-house guitar tech just setup and restrung this Strat with a new set of 10s and it plays and sounds fantastic.

Body: Solid alder body with Olympic white finish and one-ply white pickguard.

Neck: Soft V maple neck with 1.65” nut width, 25.5” scale length, 9.5” fingerboard radius and headstock truss rod adjustment.

Pickups/Hardware: It has the original Tex-Mex single coils, extra hot bridge pickup, 5 way toggle, volume, 2 tones, synchronized trem, bent steel saddles and vintage style tuners.

Cosmetics: This guitar is in immaculate condition with no wear to mention. The pickguard is slightly warped in-between the bridge and back pickup. This one has also had some extra work by our in-house luthier to clean up the fret ends & they feel smoother than a new one would.

Playability: Our in-house guitar tech has just inspected, setup and restrung this guitar with a new set of 10s. The neck is straight, the truss rod is fully functioning, and the action has been setup low and comfortable. The frets are in great shape with no grooves or divots from use and it plays beautifully up and down the fingerboard with no dead spots or choking out.

Weight: 7 lbs, 6 oz.

Case: This guitar comes with the original gig bag and we will ship it professionally packed and fully insured!