Coppersound Pedals Daedalus Reverb *Free Shipping in the USA*

Coppersound Pedals Daedalus Reverb *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Much like the engineer that it’s name derives from, Daedalus was
methodically designed and crafted. As opposed to using a chip, we wanted
to built the reverb off the newest Belton 3 brick. So that’s where we
started. In it’s infancy, it was a simple one knob reverb. Over several
months, Daedalus grew it’s wings. The addition of the Depth knob was the
first step. We originally discussed implementing a shimmer feature in
the pedal. This idea was replaced with an expression jack. This jack
allows the user to insert any pedal into the decay of the reverb using a
TRS Y cable(not included). The Blend knob was then added to give the
user control over the amount of external effect being placed into the
decay. The Pre Amp is the “special sauce” here. It has the ability to
add volume to whatever pedal is in the expression loop. Enough volume
that the external pedal is almost as loud as the initial reverberated
note. This can be very useful for swells and experimental players. The
Pre Amp knob also adds volume to the decay and the length of the decay.
Making it a dual purpose knob. The last thing left was to fine comb the
wings. This was achieved by adding the Reverb II knob. This addition
allows for two separate reverb levels of independent footswitches. Set
one for shorter, traditional reverb sounds and the second for longer,
drawn out reverb sounds. Both Reverb knobs work with the rest of the

REVERB – Controls the overall amount of reverb. Similar to a wet/dry mix knob, only the initial note is always heard.

DEPTH – Controls the length of the reverb decay.

BLEND – Determines how much of the external pedal, that’s inserted into the FX is heard.

REVERB II – Controls the overall amount of reverb when the right footswitch is engaged.

PRE AMP – Increases the size of the reverb even further. Also, gives extra volume to any effect that’s placed in the FX loop.

EXPRESSION (FX LOOP) – Plug in a TRS splitter cable to place any
effect into the decay of the reverb. With a volume pedal in the loop,
the treadle now controls the reverb knob. The reverb knob setting now
becomes the treadle toe down position. TIP = Send, RING = Return

9V – Standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm center negative power supply. Daedalus has internal polarity protection. 9 VOLT MAX