Coppersound Pedals Loma Prieta 2020 *Free Shipping in the USA*

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Sine wave shakes and gritty earthquakes.
Derived from the infamous earthquake of 1989, The Loma Prieta tremolo
is a gritty, Harmonic Tremolo pedal with four Wave-Shape modes (Sine,
Square, Ramp Up, and Ramp Down), determined to rumble the ground beneath
your feet. Each mode can be used in conjunction with our momentary
“Shift” Footswitch, which engages Tap Tempo, as well as Lo-Fi, Feedback
Distortion, and Double-Time effects. The onboard Grit control allows you
to add some sweet-sounding dirt to the tremolo circuit, with enough
gain on tap to strike a 10 on the Richter Scale. Our EXP input allows
you to easily control the rate of the tremolo using a standard
expression pedal, or plug a mono patch cable into the EXP Input, and
flip the internal DIP switch to engage external Tap Tempo. The mini
toggle switch on Loma’s top side allows you to go from Harmonic Tremolo
to a more standard style of trem; this is reflected by the Tap Tempo LED
(Red for Harmonic, Yellow for Standard). Emulate the earthquake itself.