Echo Fix EF-P2 Spring Reverb Pedal *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Echo Fix EF-P2 is a real Spring Reverb pedal that packs a huge sound into a small enclosure. The EF-P2 features a three-spring reverb tank, adjustable Spring Drive, Bass / Treble EQ controls, and Reverb Volume control. With a footswitch for reverb bypass and also a direct signal mute footswitch, the EF-P2 can also be used as an outboard effect in recording studios. With increased internal voltage rails for studio use, the EF-P2 can accept line level inputs from synths and other audio devices, not just guitar.


Real spring reverb pan
100% Analog Signal Path
Spring drive control
Bass control
Treble control
Reverb Level Control
Soft momentary switching for noiseless Bypass and Direct Mute switching
Increased internal power supply voltage rails for increased dynamic range
Illuminated reverb tank viewing window

Power - 9VDC Centre Negative
Current - 200mA minimum
Input Impedance - 1MΩ
Output Impedance - 1KΩ
Dimensions - 160mm x 130mm x 60mm (6.29" x 5.11" x 2.36")