JHS Lucky Cat Pink Delay Pink *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Pink Panther Delay is now the Lucky Cat Delay!  We offer Free Shipping in the USA!

In 2007, we released our very first delay pedal, the *P!nk P@nther*.
That pedal was instantly recognizable with it’s bright pink case and
shiny silver knobs...but not every cat has 9 lives and we only produced
about 100 units before a chip set was no longer available, forcing the
pedal out of production.  It was also quirky and unreliable, as many
early designs can be when you’re getting your feet off the ground.  So,
we decided to revisit this now beloved delay and rebuild it from the
ground up. We now present a simple digital delay/echo that has
everything you need and nothing you don’t.  This may be your lucky day!

The Lucky Cat Delay has basic controls consisting of Time, Mix,
Ratio, Repeats, Darken (EQ), and a Modulation toggle. Time is a manual
control for the length of the repeats up to 1000ms. Mix controls the
volume of the repeats, from fully clean signal to fully wet. Ratio
controls the subdivision of the tap tempo with options of quarter note,
dotted eighth note, eighth note, and triplets. Repeats controls the
amount of repeats you will hear, from one repeat to infinite. The Lucky
Cat will not do analog delay oscillation, but will do a musical digital
oscillation when the repeats are maxed out and you play with the Time
control. The Darken control works as an EQ for the repeats only. When
fully clockwise the tone of the delay is the fully digital, unaffected
sound. As you turn counter-clockwise the delay will darken in tone
giving you an array of delay tones at your fingertips. The Modulation
toggle has two modulation settings, Mod 1 and Mod 2, with the center
setting disengaging the modulation. Mod 1 is a subtle modulation that
gives the delay just the right amount of movement without being
overwhelming. Mod 2 is a deeper modulation that gives you a seasick
sound for those parts you want drenched in modulation.

On the left side of the Lucky Cat, you’ll find a dip switch for
Vintage Tape/Digital Clean tones. In Vintage Tape mode, you’ll find a
more compressed slightly driven echo like vintage tape delays. In
Digital Clean mode the echo is crisp and clean for those pristine and
chirpy delay sounds. On the right side of the pedal, you’ll also find an
external tap jack so you can control the tempo of your delay with an
external tap pedal.

- 1000ms of classic digital delay.

- On board tap-tempo with ratio subdivision control.

- Two modulation settings.

- EQ control for the repeats.

- Tape/Digital modes.

- External tap jack.

- Diamond eyes.