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early 1984 BOSS released two strange new devices under the name “The
Pocket Series”. One of those devices was the FA-1 FET Preamp and it
quickly found its rightful place among the legends of tone when The Edge
of U2 used it on the recording of “Unforgettable Fire” as well as
placing it in his following touring rigs. The Clover Preamp/Boost is our
faithful interpretation of the FA-1 but with several additional
features that we believe make this amazing circuit even better. You
won’t want to be without your lucky tone-shaper at any gig!

Clover has four standard controls and one rotary switch on the top. The
Volume control allows you to set your volume at unity or as a boost to
push your amp or dirt pedals. There are three EQ controls to give you
tons of control to cut or boost Bass, Mids, and Treble. The rotary
switch has three settings: Full EQ, No Mid, and No EQ. When set to Full
EQ all three EQ controls are in operation, giving you full control over
the full range of EQ available. The No Mid setting is an exact replica
of the original FA-1, removing the ability to control the Mids and
leaving them in a fixed setting. When in the No EQ mode all the EQ
settings are removed and the Clover becomes a straight FET boost,
perfect for pushing an amp. On the right side of the pedal there is a
Low Cut dip switch. This removes some of the lows if you feel your tone
is too muddy and can help you cut through a mix.

addition to the standard 1/4” input and output, the Clover has an XLR
output for using as an acoustic or bass preamp. These can be used
individually or simultaneously if you want to go to a sound board or
interface as well as an amplifier. The XLR output was designed with
acoustic and bass players in mind as the Clover is a wonderful preamp
that gives you a great amount of control over your sound. There is also a
ground lift if you experience some hum when using the XLR output.

Clover is an end all preamplifier / boost circuit for any electric,
acoustic, or bass player. The EQ is simple, powerful and doesn’t allow a
bad sound. No matter what style of music you play or amp that you use,
the Clover will prove to be an indispensable tool. While the Clover
excels at being a preamp / boost for dirt pedals, the magic is in
pushing your tube amplifier into natural overdrive. The EQ lets you hit
the exact spot that your amp is naturally prone to give in at. Push your
small wattage amp into natural rich overdrive and distortion or find
sounds in your larger more powerful wattage amp that you have never
heard before. Strat and Tele players can use the Clover to create extra
punch, depth and dynamics that single coil pickups can’t normally
achieve, while Les Paul and humbucker players can find clarity, bite and
definition galore! From country, rock, metal and even acoustic… The
Clover covers every base. Find your unforgettable tone with the luck of
the Clover!

In-depth Specs:

The XLR output is identical to the 1/4” output.

Has up to +24dB of gain (X16.4) (EQ Flat).

Treble +/- 15dB shelving filter at 10kHz

Middle +/- 15dB peaking filter at 1.3kHz

Bass +/- 15dB shelving filter at 270Hz (3dB freq)

Lo cut engaged -3dB point at 212Hz

Input impedance >1M ohm

Output impedance = 520ohms

Current draw at idle = 45.5mA