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Vintage Vibe with Modern Tone — and a Bigsby!

Inspired by the 1974 Yamaha Super Flighter guitar, the RS720BX Revstar solidbody electric guitar combines distinctive looks with cutting tone. The mahogany body and maple top are contoured for gigging comfort, while the Revstar neck profile and jumbo frets deliver smooth, precise playability.

A pair of Yamaha YGD Custom VH5 humbucking pickups serves up a wide tonal range, further enhanced by the push-pull dry switch that enables single-coil-like tones. The guitar is also equipped with a Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece for old-school pitch expression. With excellent craftsmanship, distinguished tone, and great playability, the Yamaha RS720BX Revstar is an outstanding instrument in its class.

Yamaha spent a lot of time fine-tuning the pickups in the Revstar series — they tested over 50 prototypes before settling on the perfect combination of wire, windings, magnets, and baseplates for each guitar model in the series.

The YGD Custom VH5 humbuckers in the RS720BX Revstar employ Alnico V magnets, a silver baseplate, and heavy formvar wire. This gives the RS720BX a bright and powerful sound that blends the richness and character of vintage electronics with the intensity and clarity of modern electronics.

Yamaha’s innovative dry switch on the RS720BX Revstar gives you the tone-shaping capabilities of a coil tap circuit while maintaining the noise-free operation of your humbuckers. The push-pull dry switch is actually a passive filter that cuts out low frequencies, giving your tone even more clarity and punch to cut through the mix. You’ll achieve the same enhanced snap and twang that you’d expect from a single-coil pickup, without introducing any noise into your signal chain.

Mahogany body, maple top, gloss finish

3-piece mahogany set neck enhances sustain and note definition

Rosewood fingerboard, 13.75" radius, 22 jumbo frets

2 YGD Custom VH5 humbucking pickups

3-way pickup selector

Master volume and tone controls

Push-pull dry switch

Tune-o-matic bridge; Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece