Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-82 Chorus *Free Shipping in the US*

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The new BL-82 Chorus from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is an exciting take on a classic effect, making it an excellent fit for players seeking an experimental chorus pedal. With its variable clock slider that allows it to operate as a shimmering chorus, a modulated delay, and everything in between, this stompbox has a dynamic sound that's sure to turn heads. Reach out now for more information on this remarkable pedal!

At the heart of the BL-82 Chorus is a variable clock slider that changes its sonic character greatly depending on how it's set. To break it down, this pedal takes two delay lines, modulates them by opposite synchronized LFOs, and combines them in parallel. The clock slider is then used to adjust not only the timing of the delay lines but also the speed and depth of the LFOs. This means that when you move the slider, the BL-82's sound changes drastically - whether you need a slow, degraded delay or a bright, rapid chorus, this pedal will deliver the goods. For further tone-shaping, this pedal has a standard set of Feedback, Volume, and Mix controls that dramatically open up its sonic boundaries.

A new spin on a timeless effect, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors BL-82 is perfect for players seeking a unique chorus pedal with a wealth of exciting tones at its disposal.


-Clock slider to change the effect from fast and fidelitous to slow and degraded

- Feedback knob to enhance the intensity of the chorus/increase the amount of delay repeats

- Soft touch footswitch to engage or bypass the effect

- Mix control to set dry/wet mix

- Volume control to set overall volume

- 9V DC power