Palomar Sound Borrego Reverb

Palomar Sound Borrego Reverb

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Palomar Sound Borrego Reverb

There’s a town near the mountain called Borrego—named after bighorn sheep—and even though it’s out in the desert this area is known for its natural springs and oases. It’s also designated as an International Dark Sky Community, so it’s a great place to catch a view of the wide open night sky. From springs to space, there’s something special about it.

So, our own Borrego is a reverb, and it matches some of that character. Two settings: 1 (one) spring-y. Fixed decay length, natural, recognizable. 2 (two), same as above but with feedback, which takes it to s p a c e . Add length, hang on the edge of oscillation, do something weird. Global hi-cut affects both modes. From dark and moody to bright and splashy. There’s a modulation that becomes more apparent at higher feedback settings that sounds kind of like a worn out tape deck. It’s nice.


Volume: Output. Unity at ~noon.

Hi-Cut: Reverb trail treble content

Mix 1: Dry/Wet level for mode 1

Mix 2: Dry/Wet level for mode 2

Feedback: Decay length for mode 2

*oscillation may occur on high settings*

Bypass: Effect on/off

1/2: Toggle between reverb modes

Other info:

Input on the right, output on the left, DC jack on the top. 9vDC center negative only. No battery option.