Pedaltrain - 10' Hook-and-Loop - Bright Red Pedal Board Adhesive

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10’ of Bright Red Hook-and-Loop

Add a splash of color to your rig
Mix and match colors to express yourself and make a statement
Spread love with each purchase - a generous portion of sales goes to charitable organizations and directly to people in need
This bright red color is so red it's like a Ferrari filed with roses being driven by the KoolAid Man to a red carpet event.
Use hook-and-loop fastener for attaching pedals to your Pedaltrain pedal board
10' of both sides in one box
Strong adhesive

Note: This product is packaged as two 10 foot long rolls (one roll of hook side, one roll of loop side). When you open the box, the rolls will appear to be different sizes. This is because the the hook (crunchy) material is thicker. When unrolled the two strips will each be 10 feet long.