Quilter Overdrive 202 NEW *Free Shipping in the USA*

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This is a new Quilter Overdrive 202 Head & we offer Free Shipping in the USA!
The OverDrive 202 picks up where the Overdrive 200 left off and features
three new voices with their own overdrive channel, reverb, limiter, and
a cabinet simulated line out. The three voices range from the newly
enhanced Quilter classic Full Q on voice 1, the "bell-like" harmonically
rich voice 2, through to the incisive and full bodied attack of voice
3. The Overdrive 202 delivers an appropriate voice for any musical
setting. Combine with a UFC-3 and BlockDock 12 HD for the ultimate grab
and go rig.

Featuring 3 voicings, two controllable channels, seven
powerful controls, pre/post signal/headphone jack, cab-sim that
automatically tracks output settings, with traditional Quilter warmth,
all adds up to unmatched tonal versatility.