Recovery Effects Cutting Room Floor V3 *Free Shipping in the US*

Recovery Effects Cutting Room Floor V3 *Free Shipping in the US*

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The Cutting Room Floor has been updated and now has separate controls over the saturation of the input signal and tape delay signal. With this change, it’s possible to have any amount of emulated tape saturation on the input signal and an adjustable tape delay level.
Housed in a smaller, compact footprint, the Cutting Room Floor V3 provides beautifully marred saturated tape tone and ethereal repeats. Imagine an abandoned factory with a fluttering tape machine left on infinite replay.

The Cutting Room Floor was designed to emulate the sound and functionality of vintage reel-to-reel tape overdrive and echo. This pedal reaches into the 21st century with characteristics that traverse the world of modulation and delay. Other features include a freeze button that traps a tone while still playing, and expression/CV control for time.
TAPE LEVEL Controls how hard the dry signal hits tape. Turning clockwise will increase drive and volume.

DELAY LEVEL Controls the level of tape delay DELAY TIME Controls delay time FLUTTER Controls level of tape flutter, to be used in conjunction with Wow

SHAPE Controls shape of the flutter, from triangle to square wave

WOW Controls level of melting modulation

S/R Single or repeat modes for delay signal

STABIL Up position turns Flutter on, down position turns Flutter off

FREEZE Momentary loop playback head. This mode alters the behavior of the Delay Level function and sets 12 O’clock as zero. Rotating to the left models characteristics of Ampex 456 tape. Rotating to the right models characteristics of Ampex 499 tape.

BYPASS True bypass switching turns the effect on and off

3.5MM SIDE JACK Adds expression pedal or CV functionality, controlling delay time