Recovery Effects Ghost Writer Audio to Midi Device *Free Shipping in the US*

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(Audio to MIDI Device)

Ghost Writer is a pedal that transforms the notes you play into MIDI data. This means you can connect to a synth and literally play your synthesizer from your guitar. You can also trigger phrases or samples, add functionality to your MIDI-equipped pedals, and more.

Independent controls allow you to toggle audio and MIDI signals or use both. The monophonic MIDI data is automatically assigned to MIDI Channel 1, and transmitted through a *3.5mm TRS MIDI cable* on the back of the pedal. The audio is processed through a high-quality buffer stage to ensure no loss of signal.
Ghost Writer provides a simple way to interact with your synths and MIDI-equipped gear as you play. It’s an essential tool for creative musicians who are on the search for innovation.

Hand-wired in Seattle, WA. Ghost Writer operates on a standard "Boss" style 9vdc power supply (not included). Includes a limited lifetime warranty, if registered within 30 days of purchase. Ghost Writer is recommended for guitar, without active pickups.
Enclosure size: 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"