Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike Metallic Blue *Free Shipping in the US*

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The Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike electric guitar is a sleek, no-frills instrument with enough power and flexibility to get you where you’re going. From Gabrels himself, “This guitar is a continuation of that sense of freedom in the form of speed and power stripped down to its essentials … To me a single pickup guitar with a trem is just like my 1966 Schwinn … It's a guitar with enough agility that it will let you grab air and do wheelies and the power to leave some rubber on the asphalt in front of the neighbor’s house, and really, that's all you need.”

The Dirtbike features a solid body made of Korina, a highly resonant wood which produces harmonic-rich, responsive instruments. It has a three-piece Korina neck shaped in a medium-oval profile, with a 12” radius ebony fingerboard and 22 frets. A single custom-designed Railhammer humbucking pickup drives the sound, with rails under the wound strings for tight lows and poles under the plain strings for fat highs. In addition to the Volume and Tone knobs, it features a Bass Contour for tightening up the low end or revoicing the pickup. Additional appointments include a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo, Boneite nut, pin-lock tuners and custom jack plate.

This guitar weighs 7 lbs., 3 oz.