Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Retrospec'd Bridge 11014-05-RSPD Electric Guitar Pickup

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Seymour Duncan: RETROSPEC'D SERIES: At Seymour Duncan, we have a 40
year archive of data on pickup design, detailing every nuance, down to
the smallest detail. This knowledge is what gives our legendary
Antiquity pickups their authentic tone. We've heard from many guitar
builders and players alike, who wanted our Antiquity pickups with a new,
pristine look, rather than an aged, vintage look. So we created the
Retrospec'd series. All the tone of yesteryear, in a brand new look.
ANTIQUITY HUMBUCKER: The Antiquity bridge humbucker delivers that open,
airy tone of the great P.A.F. humbuckers that Seth Lover designed in
1955. High notes cut through without being overly bright, and low notes
growl with spongy vintage warmth. We wind the bridge model a little
hotter for better balance and added warmth, and, as with the neck model,
we use the same custom hand-aging process to create an authentic
vintage look and sound. Each Antiquity humbucker is hand built in our
Custom Shop the way Seth Lover did. The mold we use for our butyrate
bobbins was created by the same factory that built the original P.A.F.
mold for Gibson. Other key features include our specially manufactured
42AWG plain enamel mag-wire, nickel silver cover.


  • The RetrospecÍd series. All the tone of yesteryear, in a brand new look.
  • DCR: 8.6