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Create rich, spacious reverberations with the
Ventris Dual Reverb. The Ventris features over twenty meticulously
crafted reverb engines built on two completely independent 56-bit signal
processors, essentially housing a matching pair of high-powered, stereo
reverb pedals in a single box. The pedal’s dual DSP architecture
provides massive processing muscle, unlimited preset spillover time, and
advanced dual reverb effects. Step into a vast realm of ambient
space. ​

Two Reverb Pedals in a Single Housing.

The supremely
intelligent Ventris Dual Reverb features two completely independent
56-bit reverb processors, essentially housing a matching pair of
high-powered reverb pedals in a single box. The Ventris’s powerful dual
processing architecture gives the pedal some serious advantages
including massive processing muscle, adjustable preset spillover time,
and the ability to create dual reverb effects.
  • Dual
    Reverb Effects: The power to combine two reverb engines truly expands
    the pedal's ambient possibilities. Run dual reverb effects in a parallel
    or cascading signal path, or split your reverbs and send a different
    effect to each of the pedal's two Outputs.
  • Massive
    Processing Power: Dual processing eliminates bloated all-in-one reverb
    programs. Instead of being forced to allocate 5% of the processing power
    to something vital and complex like the True Spring reverb, we can now
    dedicate 100% of the processor, opening the door to a new frontier of
    realism and sonic exploration.
  • True
    Spillover: Seamless “spillover” from one preset to the next is an
    enormous advantage in live situations. Switch from one reverb preset to
    another without abruptly cutting off the trail of the previous effect.
    And, the dual reverb engines make it possible to program (with the
    soon-to-be-published Neuro Desktop Editor) the decay rate of the first
    reverb trail.

Source Audio’s two man engineering team of Bob
Chidlaw and Jesse Remignanti took extreme care in crafting the Ventris
Reverb’s exceptionally spacious tones, covering all the bases from
beautifully natural reverberations to haunting “unnatural” tones. The
Ventris Dual Reverb includes 12 onboard reverb engines as well as an
ever-expanding collection of reverb effects available via the Neuro
Mobile App or Neuro Desktop Editor. Click the boxes below for details on each engine.