Spaceman Nebula Fuzz / Octave Blender Silver  Edition *Free Shipping in the USA*

Spaceman Nebula Fuzz / Octave Blender Silver Edition *Free Shipping in the USA*

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The Nebula is a fully blendable, multi-function tone manipulator,
allowing for the discovery of unique layered tones from your instrument
of choice.  Centered around a dual-mode IC fuzz circuit, the Nebula then
adds independently blendable high octave and clean signal layers to the
mix. Such flexibility makes the Nebula a great companion for bass and
synth instruments, in addition to guitar.

The gain (Emission) of
the fuzz circuit allows for a range of smooth bluesy tones, to thick
harmonic-laden fuzz.  Using the “Infinity Mode” switch takes this fuzz
to another universe, adding a second octave instance shrouded in fuzz.
When cranking the Emission control here, the fuzz-octave collapses on
itself and then blooms into your sustain, adding inspiring movement to

By blending fuzz, octave and dry circuits together
simultaneously, you can achieve everything from gentle harmonic
sweetening, overdrive and layered octave fuzz; to combinations that are
simply unexplainable.  The three-shape Spectrum control then gives you
the power to fine tune your tone to perfection.

The Nebula is
completely hand-soldered and handmade in Portland Oregon to the highest
degree of quality possible. These are truly artisan-crafted tone
devices, sparing no detail within or without. The Nebula utilizes
true-bypass switching via the best mechanical footswitch available,
while your tone is transferred via quality open-frame Switchcraft
jacks. Open one up and you’ll see an unparalleled display of
craftsmanship; with immaculate hand-soldered PCB, detailed military-spec
wiring, and custom Spaceman heavy-duty battery connector. On top of
the cast aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and
jewel indicator light. This pedal is truly built to last a lifetime.

This unit is a Silver Edition & they only made 133 of these.....
We offer Free Shipping in the USA!