Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer & Sampler *Free Shipping in the USA*

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This is an open box Teenage Engineering OP-1

This unit is in very good condition and has only been used in-store for demonstration

the all-in-onewonder
is the all-in-one portable synthesizer, sampler and controller. with
additional features like a built-in FM radio and an assignable G-force
sensor for motion controlled effects, there is quite nothing like it.
its modular architecture enables endless sound possibilities without making the workflow complicated or distracting.
compact design and real physical interface makes it inspiring to create
music, no matter who you are or how experienced you are.
synthesizerand controller
ten synthesizer engines, eight high quality effects and multiple
routable LFO’s, you'll never hit the wall when it comes to creativity or
finding the right sound for the job. add the unique built-in sequencers
on top of that and you'll understand why so many highly regarded
producers and artists hold this little machine so dear.
controller mode, OP-1 turns in to a full blown MIDI controller, with
access to transport (play/stop, rec, rewind and forward), a two octave
keyboard with four endless encoders as well as a sound module that can
be controlled from virtually any external software.

4-tracktape feature
anything you create with the 4-track tape feature. match the tape speed
to the sequencer tempo for some really nice overdubbing. change
tapespeed while recording, or record backwards in realtime. switch to
the 4 channel mixer and add some punch with the built in EQ and
finally, create a live mix in album mode on a virtual vinyl.works withyour other stuff
OP-1 to synchronize your pocket operators or connect it to any other
gear using MIDI over USB. when you connect OP-1 to a computer using the
included USB cable, the OP-1 shows up as a MIDI controller or a storage
device. if storage device is selected, just drag and drop audio files
between your computer and the OP-1. all 4 tape tracks are available as
well as the drum and synthesizer samples. everything ready for you to
tweak or add to your DAW. no additional software or drivers required.
just plug and play. 

color coded interface.
unique and award winning design with its color coded interface makes
the OP-1 a synthesizer for everyone. the four colored encoders, and the
symbols on the keyboard are all designed for easy reading and to make it
intuitive and non-technical to control and shape your sounds. so,
finally, you don’t have to be an engineer to use a synthesizer. 

super amoled display.
vector based graphical user interface is displayed on the brilliant
super amoled display running at 60 fps. all graphics run in realtime, so
when a modulator is assigned to a synthesizer parameter, you'll see how
that specific parameter is animated, telling you exactly what's going

16 hours battery life.

can travel the atlantic ocean and back again, constantly making music
on your OP-1 before it runs out of power. with over 2 years of stand by
time, you can pick it up and create whenever you feel for it.charging is easy with the provided cable plugged into any computer or phone charger that has a USB connector.

creative add-ons.

as an option is a complete range of truly creative OP-1 accessories.
like the crank accessory, which lets you hand crank sequencers, the tape
and in fact hand crank any parameter of your choice.the fm antenna increases the signal reception for the built-in fm radio.finally, a great for travel, soft-case is available in black and OP-grey.