V-Picks Volcano

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5.1 mm - 1 3/16" tip to tip - Symmetrical

This one is HOT!

Cut the same size as the Snake, but the Volcano one is 5.1 mm. Feels good in your hand. Symmetrical shape makes it so easy to control and play with. Also, 3 times the tip means 3 times the life.

The sound as you would guess is strong, big and to the point. Lots of midrange, creamy highs and lots of bottom end.

We cut the logo and V extra deep on this pick because that is the way Vinni likes his.

No need to play this pick with an angle created by your wrist. The angle is built in with the thickness of the pick. You can flat-pick with V-PICKS and they glide over the strings like no other pick you have used before. Most people are blown away by this the first time they pick up a V-PICK.

The Volcano may be a limited run pick. It depends on availability of the material. Also, due to the way this material is made, every one is different and unique looking. But, they all are beautiful.