Victoria Club Deluxe 20w 12" Eminence Speaker

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The Club Deluxe is a compact 1x12 designed to deliver maximum tone in a small package. It is essentially the business end of a classic AB763 Deluxe Reverb minus the normal channel and tremolo. By eliminating the tremolo, the Club Deluxe is stripped down to the tonal essentials with zero signal loss normally associated with the inclusion of mid-60s tremolo circuitry.

The CD features fixed bias 6V6's (adjustable) and an all-tube transformer with coupled reverb and a full sized Accutronics tank. Housed in a tweed-style cabinet, the CD combines the superior dynamics of the tweed cabinet with the purity of the AB763 reverb design. All the stiffness and directionality of a typical mid-60s cabinet are gone, replaced by the lively and percussive resonance that the tweed era cabinets are known for.

In addition, you have 3 inputs to work with (1 being the loudest, 3 being the most attenuated) + a 1/2 power switch. Getting breakup at reasonable volumes has never been easier.

This amp has been tested and it sounds fantastic.

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