Walrus Audio Luminary V2 Quad Octave Generator *Free Shipping in the USA*

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This is a brand new Walrus Audio Luminary Quad Octave Generator V2

Tastefully updated in all the right places,
the Luminary V2 expands its watchful eye for versatility in many genres
and musical tastes.

• Refined octave volume knobs

• Lengthened attack time

• Revised envelope low-pass filter

• Tremolo effect on flutter knob

• Added Smart Momentary Bypassing

The Luminary is a powerful polyphonic quad
octave generator with features for creating inspiring symphonic gusts of
sound. Operating on the Analog Devices Sharc platform, the Luminary
gives you the ability to dial in any combination of four separate
octaves including -2, -1, +1, and +2, the user can craft many different
complex sounds and textures with crystal clear and immediate octave
tracking. The Luminary has three onboard presets available for saving
your go-to sounds, as a well as live mode. This means the user can have
up to four custom sounds available at any moment. Get epic steel sounds
with the modulation control unengaged. You’ll find more experimental
options with the filter control or a tremolo effect with the flutter
control. Couple the Luminary with an expression pedal to expand its
creativity even more.

Extended Info

Four octave options available -2, -1, +1,
+2 – The four knobs across the top of the pedal control the level of
each octave. With the Dry/Wet control, the user can explore the ground
between minimum and 12 o’clock to keep the octave signal lower than your
dry signal for subtleness. The territory between 12 o’clock and maximum
keeps the user’s dry signal lower than unity for a boastful octave

The Attack control dictates how fast the octaves bloom
after the initial attack. Allow the octaves to swell in gradually at a
higher attack setting. Hear immediate octave response with the attack
control low or off. The Filter knob controls the cutoff of a low-pass
filter on the octave signals and also increases an envelope type effect
at higher settings. The Flutter knob enables a tremolo effect that can
be applied to the octaves. At zero, the tremolo effect is off.
Increasing this knob engages the tremolo modulation and controls the
rate of the effect.

The expression control allows the
manipulation of any combination of these options to allow the user to
customize the effectiveness of the Luminary: -1 and +1 octave volume, +1
octave volume, Attack, Flutter, and Dry/Wet


The Luminary comes in a sand pebble texture
colored enclosure with black and red ink, featuring original artwork of
a dystopian dictator’s watchful eye. Exact size of the diecast
enclosure is 4.67” x 3.68” x 1.547”. Power requirements are 9VDC (300mA
minimum). Power supply not included.

*Note: Strymon power supplies will not work with the Luminary.*