Yamaha SLG100N Silent Classical

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Summary: With the Yamaha SLG100N, just plug in your headphones and you'll hear studio-quality, acoustic-guitar tone, courtesy of Yamaha's SRT Powered pickup and preamp system. You can blend that signal with the under-saddle pickup as well. The detachable design breaks the guitar down for easy travel. It has an onboard tuner and has a natural classical guitar feel.

Body: Collapsible Travel Classical, black, and natural wood finish.

Neck: Mahogany with a Rosewood fingerboard, 25.5” scale length, 1.9” nut width, 19 frets, dot inlays on top of the fingerboard.

Pickups/Hardware: SRT Powered pickup and preamp system, open gear classical tuning keys, Urea nut/saddle.

Cosmetics: This guitar is in great shape. The body wings have minor scuffs and blemishes. The head stock has a few dings on the front edge. The back of the neck is clean, and the frets are in great shape. On the bottom wing, there appears to be some adhesive or glue.

Playability: Our in-house guitar tech has inspected, setup, and restrung this instrument with a new set of strings. The neck is straight, the truss rod is fully functional, and the action has been setup low and comfortable. The frets are in great shape with no major grooves or divots from use and it plays beautifully up and down the fretboard with no dead spots or choking out.

Weight: 4 lbs.

Case: This guitar ships without a case, professionally packaged, and fully insured.